Agent Details

After a successful career in women’s fashion as a Design Director, Natasha is pursuing a career in Real Estate. Upon graduating from Parson School of Design, at twenty-four she became the youngest head designer and realized fashion is not only pretty things, that big business opportunities exist in redefining fashion trends into saleable clothes that add value to a consumer’s life. International travel allowed Natasha to guide her team creatively and analytically to create the most updated styles for her client and base and an array of department stores, season after season.

At age nine, upon landing in New York from St. Petersburgh, Russia the magical cab ride across the 59th Street Bridge as she gazed at the majestic skyline that held the promise of the American dream, it was love at first site.  The search for her first apartment ignited her passion for real estate, Natasha realized that finding a place you can call home can simultaneously fulfill financial goals. At twenty-five, Natasha found a great place on the UES and with a robust renovation was home at last! Recently, in her third apartment, along with celebrating her twentieth anniversary with Steve and watching their eleven-year-old city savvy daughter, Lea, growing up in the world’s best city, is allowing Natasha to live her own American dream following her passion of real estate.

As a highly creative and motivated individual who helps clients get unparalleled perspective on a property’s potential from an aesthetic and financial point of view and top it off with astute deal negotiations. Natasha loves to dig in and thoroughly research to uncover the style/value equation that fits each client’s unique needs, as if she was looking for my own purchase. A combined expertise and passion for real estate, great eye for style, immaculate attention to details, business investment savvy along with a customer centric approach, and a twenty-four/seven work ethic, Natasha will bring value to your next or forever home search.

Today’s climate is indeed complicated, but as optimistic this is creating an unprecedented opportunity for those with clear vision and gumption. Living here through the best and worst of times, the personal affinity Natasha feels for working with clients in helping them find their new home in this spectacular city is a challenge she will rise to and achieve. Whether your dream home is four hundred thousand, two million or above, the amount of work and dedication is the same for you to rent, sell or purchase. Everyone has 86,400 seconds a day to make it happen… armed with experience, the wisdom of a die-hard New Yorker, let Natasha use her 86,400 seconds to find a place you call home!